Traveller Solutions

Our best-in-class digital solutions upgrade the experience for your customers at every step of the Tax Free Shopping journey.

Traveller Care

Our innovative mobile solutions provide personalised support to international shoppers at every step of the Tax Free Shopping journey, to simplify and enhance their experience.

Step by Step Notification Service

Our Mobile Customer Care (MCC) service sends real-time, transaction-triggered notifications directly to shoppers' smartphones with a link to a personalised website. Here, shoppers can track the status of their refund and be informed about the next required action. 

  • Provides high-quality, step-by-step care to new or infrequent Tax Free shoppers
  • Increases the rate of online refund ratio by + 4 points 
  • Contains additional value-add tools including personalised directions to refund locations
  • No app download
Man holding phone showing Shop Tax Free app

One-Stop App for Every Part of the Shopping Journey

Our SHOP TAX FREE app gives easy access to everything regular shoppers need to plan, shop and claim their Tax Free refund. This includes a live refund status, merchant and refund point mapping and a digital version of the shopper's SHOP TAX FREE card.

  • Enhance the experience for valuable frequent shoppers
  • Drive more shoppers into participating Tax Free Shopping stores
  • Provides additional marketing opportunities once a shopper is in destination
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