Payment at ATMs with the Currency of Choice

Providing consumers with currency choice, convenience, and exchange rate certainty at ATMs.

Currency selection at ATMs for overseas withdrawals

We enable ATM deployers to provide foreign consumers 

with currency choice, convenience, and exchange rate certainty at ATMs 

with our innovative Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) solution.


Our DCC solution integrates seamlessly with existing ATM networks in multiple ways. 

ATM deployers can connect to DCC and payment processing Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) according to their needs.



Top-Tier Benefits for ATM Deployers

Enhanced Consumers’ Payment Journey

DCC enables ATM deployers to offer an upgraded experience to consumers withdrawing cash abroad. With the solution, consumers can choose the currency of their choice without the risk of foreign exchange rate fluctuations. This results in a more convenient and transparent transaction.

An Additional Revenue Stream

ATM deployers also generate additional revenue from a share of the FX Commission. By offering customers exchange rate certainty, ATM deployers can increase customer satisfaction and drive additional revenue through increased usage of their ATMs.

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