Andorra La Vella

Andorra la Vella


  • At Farga de Moles border, go to the DIVA validation kiosk.
  • Scan all Tax Free Form barcodes at a validation kiosk.

Ensure all forms have been successfully validated.
If the kiosk returns a Red Channel instruction, or your Forms were issued outside of Spain, you will need to go to Customs with all receipts and purchases in order to complete the validation process.


  • Write your credit card details on each validated Tax Free Form and return by post using a Global Blue envelope.
  • Or write your credit card details on each of your validated forms and drop in a Global Blue mailbox located in Morabanc offices.
  • Or get your refund in Credit Andorra:
    • to your bank account (any office)
    • or in cash in Plaça del Consell, 11 (Encamp)
      Maximum cash refund limit – 1500 EUR / Form.

Refund Points

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