Tax Free Shopping in South Korea

Tips and guidelines for shopping tax free in South Korea

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Standard VAT rate: 10%
Minimum purchase amount: 30,000 KRW

Who is eligible for Tax Free Shopping
● If you have permanent residence outside South Korea
● If you are a foreign visitor to South Korea who stays for no longer than 6 months
● If you are a South Korean national living overseas for more than 2 years, who is visiting South Korea for no longer than 3 months
● If you do not receive a salary from a company located in South Korea.
● If you are not a member of cabin or flight crew working for Korea Flight Company
● If you are not a South Korean diplomat working in South Korea or overseas
● If you are not a foreign diplomat working in South Korea

How to Shop Tax Free
For more on how to claim your tax refund, including how to fill in the Tax Free Form, click here.
Stamping period: 3 months from date of purchase.
Validity of stamped Form: 3 months from date on the customs stamp.

Local information
Refund Kiosks
● Located at Seoul Gimpo Airport, Daegu Airport and Incheon Aiport[Allen1]
● Export customs validation and cash refund can be received from a Kiosk if the refund amount is up to:
● 3000,000 KRW (Daegu Airport and Incheon Airport)
● 177,000 KRW (Gimpo Airport)
● If the refund amount is higher (or you want to receive the refund on your credit card), follow the usual process of obtaining a validation stamp from Customs and mailing back the Tax Free Form to us using the pre-paid envelope provided in store.

Tax Free goods:
Refunds are paid on goods that are exported in the traveller’s personal luggage
Non-refundable goods:
● Firearm, swords, and explosives
● Goods designated as heritage assets
● Addictive and habit-forming drugs
● Tobacco
● Prohibited import and export goods
● Other items with 0% VAT, such as books, stamps, raw food products and etc.

Contact us:
Completed Tax Free Forms which have been stamped by Customs can be sent to:
Global Blue Korea Co. Ltd.
23Floor. Ferrum Tower,
19 Eulji-ro-5-gil, Jung-gu,
Seoul, Korea 04539

If you have any questions, go to Help & Support

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