Oslo Airport

Global Blue Tax Refund Office

Located in departure hall, right by check-in counter 2.

Oslo Airport Gardermoen, Edvard Munchs veg, 2061 Gardermoen

Opening Hours: 

Monday: 05.00-18.30

Tuesday: 05.00-12.30

Wednesday: 05.00-12.30

Thursday: 05.00-18.30

Friday: 05.00-18.30

Saturday: 07.30-15.30

Sunday: 05.00-18.30


N.B: Tax Free Forms issued worldwide  accepted

N.B: Maximum credit card refund limit – 5000 EUR / Form

N.B: In case of CASH refund a handling fee is charged for each Tax Free Form. Credit card refunds are not subject to this fee

N.B: Refund to Alipay available. Present your Alipay barcode for scanning. Your refund will be paid to your Alipay account instantly.

If Global Blue Refund Office are closed, go to TING to get your tax refund. TING is located after security close to gate D1. Do you arrive Oslo Airport transfer from another Norwegian Airport you can also receive your tax refund at TING.

Please remember to complete all your Global Blue Tax Free forms before you arrive at the airport with following information:

  • Passport number
  • Full name
  • Address
  • Credit card number + expire date
  • Your e-mail

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