Marseille Airport


Refunds - Global Exchange - Airport - Terminal 1 Hall A Departures Landside
Marseille Provence Airport, 13700 Marignane

Opening hours:
MON -FRI: 07:00 - 21:00
SAT: 07:00 - 21:00
SUN: 07:00 - 21:00

Location description:
You must get Custom Validation before proceeding to check-in area (before French Customs Immigration)
Global Exchange is located in Terminal 1 Hall A Departures Landside.
Get up to 1 000 euros of refund for Domestic and non-Domestic Global Blue Forms.

When exiting the UE from France:
For Domestic Forms,
1) Go to Pablo Kiosk
2) Scan the barcode of your Form at PABLO Kiosk to get a e-validation (wait for the confirmation from the Kiosk: !! 1 Form = 1 Pablo validation !!)
If required by the PABLO Kiosk, present your Tax Free Forms, receipts and unused purchases at the Customs Desk for a manual Custom stamp
No need to send back a Form validated via Pablo (keep the original)

For non-Domestic forms, go directly to the Custom Offices, present your Tax Free Forms to the Custom Officer for a manual Custom Stamp.
Keep your unused purchases ready for inspection.

If you exceed the Cash Refund limit or you prefer a Refund on Card, you must:
1/ KEEP THE FORM with you the refund will be automatic (no need to send it back to Global Blue) if the Form is ePablo Validated and your Card number is securely taken on the Form.
2/ USE THE MAILBOX SERVICE: if there is a manual / inked Custom Stamp or Pablo Validation but your Card is not taken on your Form. Make sure that your form is properly fill in with your Card or Bank Account details.

Refund Services Details:
Refund cash limit if cash/form: 1,000.00
Country cash limit per customer: 1,000.00
Forms type accepted: Domestic / International

Cash Refund fee:
Domestic forms:
0 - 20 EUR = 3.00 EUR
> 20.01 EUR = 4.50 EUR

International forms:
0 - 30 EUR = 4.50 EUR
30.01 - 60 EUR = 5.50 EUR
60.01 - 175 EUR = 7.00 %
175.01 - 359 EUR = 12 EUR
> 359.01 EUR = 15 EUR

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