Tax Free Shopping in China

Tips and guidelines for shopping tax free in China


Standard VAT rate:
● 13% (general goods)
● 9% (agricultural product, edible vegetable oil, books etc
Minimum purchase amount: RMB 500

Who is eligible for Tax Free Shopping?
● Foreign visitors holding valid passport, Hong Kong (China), Macau, China) and Taiwan, China, residents holding Mainland Travel Permit;
● The Traveller should stay in Mainland China for no more than 183 consecutive days (according to the date of entry to China in your passport); Purchase date does not exceed 90 days from the date of departure.
● The minimum purchase amount for tax refund is RMB 500/TFS store/day/customer.
● For goods which applied to VAT rate 13%, the refund amount is 11% of VAT invoice.
● For goods which applied to VAT rate 9%, the refund amount is 8% of VAT invoice. (processing fee will be deducted from refund amount, and rate varies in different cities, e.g. 2% of VAT invoice charged in Shanghai).

How to Shop Tax Free in Shanghai
For more on how to claim your tax refund, including how to fill in the Tax Free Form, click here
Stamping period: 90 days from the issuing date

Tax Free goods:
● Goods must be available for presentation at the Customs Validation Counter
● Goods must be unpacked or unused.
Non-refundable goods:
● Gold, silver and other rare metals and their products
● Valuable cultural and natural relics
● Food, medicine, pharmaceutical products
● Other goods which are absolutely prohibited from export under the written law

Please consult the Chinese Customs website for more information.

Important Tips:No Customs Stamp = No Refund
● Please arrive early at the airport (min.3 hours before take-off)
● At the Customs, please present your valid passport or ID along with the VAT invoice(s), Tax Refund Application Form(s) and the Tax Free Goods.
● Please get Customs Validation Stamp before immigration.
● Refund shall be proceed at the time of departure, overdue shall be deemed as invalid.

*China Tax Refund Scheme Regulations are based on the Announcement of the Ministry of Finance [2015] No.3 and the announcement of State Administration of Taxation [2015] No.41

If you have any questions, go to Help & Support

Refund points for overseas tourists shopping Tax Free in China:

● Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport  - link
● Shanghai Pudong International Airport Terminal 1 - link
● Shanghai Pudong International Airport Terminal 2 (Departure) - link
● Shanghai Downtown (for overseas tourists) - link

Refund points for tourists returning from abroad to China:
● Shanghai Downtown (for Chinese tourists) - link
● Guangzhou Downtown - link
● Beijing Downtown - link
● Shanghai Pudong International Airport Terminal 1 - Departure) - link


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