Tax Free Shopping in The Bahamas

Tips and guidelines for shopping tax free in The Bahamas


Standard VAT Rate: 10%
Minimum purchase amount:
● Non-consumables: $25.00
● Tobacco, alcohol: $50.00
● Rum cakes: $25.00

Who is eligible for Tax Free Shopping?
● If you are a non-Bahamian resident
● If you do not hold a Bahamian passport
● If you are leaving The Bahamas in the next 45 days
● If you have not worked in The Bahamas in the last 6 months

How to Shop Tax Free

Present your ID at the store. You will receive the VAT refund immediately at the time of your purchase at the cashier as a deduction from the sale price.

Minimum purchase amount is $25.00.
Consumables (allowed only at the Lynden Pindling International Airport, Nassau.)
The minimum purchase amount for tobacco and alcohol is $50.00. For rum cakes it is $25.00.

Tax Free goods:
The VAT deduction applies to goods that are being exported in the traveller’s personal luggage.
Non- eligible goods: Medicine and pharmaceutical products

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