Mobile Customer Care

Mobile Customer Care provides personalised step-by-step guidance to track and manage your refund. Check for live updates when your refund status changes. Add your payment details to get your refund paid automatically or find the nearest Refund Office.
How Mobile Customer Care Works

Guidance On How to Complete Your Tax Refund



Step 1

Provide your contact details in store to receive SMS and email guidance.

Step 2

Add your payment details for an automatic and faster refund.

Step 3

Get access to live updates on your refund status and locate your nearest Refund Office.

Mobile Self Refunding - ID Verified

Already made a Tax Free shopping purchase but no contact details provided in store? You can still manage your refunds and add your payment details with our ID Verified flow.

Mobile Customer Care Benefits

Refund Tracker

Full visibility of purchases and the status of refunds.

Refund Reminder

An option to set a reminder for the day before you return home.

Automatic Refunds

Add your payment details to avoid queuing at the Refund Office.

Where to validate?

Directions to Customs and Refund Offices at your departure point.

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