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Online Advertising Brand Safety

Online Advertising Brand Safety

Global Blue is the world’s largest Tax-Free Shopping content portal for travellers, and we take advertiser brand safety very seriously. In order to achieve that and minimize the risk of misplaced ads we have strict internal policies that we adhere to for all campaigns we manage.

All digital advertising campaigns are managed by our in-house ad-trafficking/production team using the latest technology and appropriate vetting techniques.

Ads placed onsite are placed in a high-quality brand safe environment for advertisers with no user generated content or any content non-related with retail, fashion or travel destination.

Ads may be placed alongside content relevant to Global Blue on the website. This content has been vetted by our in-house editorial team and the content is on brand.

Other brand adverts may also appear along side our ad units, these have been vetted by our in-house ad-trafficking/production team and sellers agree to our terms and conditions found on the Product Ordering form as well as our advertising specifications found here:

Global Blue will only implement advertisements on the website that comply with the Coalition for Better Ads (CBA) guidelines as documented here by the IAB:

In the unfortunate event that an ad is displayed on content that is considered inappropriate, Global Blue will remove this advert with no more than 24 hours within a working week. Upon raising this issue our ad-trafficking team will work directly with appropriate teams to remove any activity deemed in breach of contractual obligations.

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We are the Global Blue Group.  Our head office and data controller is Global Blue S.A, based in Switzerland.  You can contact us at or Global Blue, P.O Box 363, 81000 Bratislava, Slovakia.

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