United Kingdom

New tax free savings for UK shoppers in Europe

Europe is set to become a shoppers paradise for UK residents now they can take advantage of tax free savings following Brexit. Whether it is upgrading their tech or their wardrobe, Brits can now save up to 24% on their shopping

What shopping can UK residents now claim tax refunds for?
A variety of goods qualify, provided they are taken home unused in the original packaging. Fashion, cosmetics, jewellery, technology and food and drink items, with many of the best high street retailers and global luxury brands offering Tax Free Shopping services. 

Tips for tax free shopping

  • UK residents in England, Wales and Scotland (excluding Northern Ireland) are eligible
  • Bring your passport with you when you go shopping, as the Shop Assistant will need it to prepare your Tax Free Forms
  • As you head home, allow extra time to validate your Tax Free Forms at the kiosks at departure or at Customs
  • Remember, no validation means no refund
  • Keep your receipts safely with your Tax Free Forms and don’t pack items away in checked baggage as you may need to show them to Customs
  • Save time by adding your credit card to our app, and we’ll pay you automatically after your Forms are validated.

For more information on shopping destinations in Europe click here.

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