Portugal welcomes British Shoppers

15 April, 2021.

British tourists are now eligible to shop Tax Free in the EU and can save up to 15% by claiming back the VAT of their purchases.

A variety of goods qualify for VAT refunds, including fashion, cosmetics, jewellery, technology and food and drink items, with many of the best high street retailers and global luxury brands offering Tax Free Shopping services.


  • UK residents in England, Wales and Scotland (excluding Northern Ireland) are eligible
  • The minimum purchase amount eligible for Tax Free in Portugal is 50€+VAT (example 50€ + 23% VAT = 61.50€)
  • Present the Passport at the store and ask for Tax Free
  • Refunds are paid on goods that are exported in the personal luggage

It’s a simple and easy process, that can be tracked via smartphone.

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