Mobile Customer Care

Mobile Customer Care: personalize your Tax Free journey the digital way

Receive real-time support on your smartphone during your Tax Free Shopping journey

Mobile Customer Care (MCC), was designed to guide you throughout your entire shopping trip, making sure you complete your Tax Free Shopping journey every time.

This Global Blue exclusive digital innovation includes real-time notifications and information sent to your smartphone.

How does it work?

MCC relies on a notification service where a series of transaction-triggered emails and SMS are sent to your smartphone to guide you onto your next Tax Free Shopping action. In this scheme, each step is customized based on your previous inputs and actions. In parallel, a mobile-optimized website, will provide you with detailed information on the status of your refund transactions.

  • Day 1 of shopping trip: Once the first shopping transaction has been issued in-store, a welcome alert is sent encouraging you to set a refund reminder.
  • During the shopping trip: A notification is sent after each transaction with a link to the website where you can manage and track your refunds.
  • Last day of the shopping trip: One day before your departure, a reminder alert and local airport’s guide is sent to your smartphone.
  • Back home: The confirmation of your refund is sent to your phone with a link to the detailed transaction.

MCC is a testimony of Global Blue’s mission to personalize and enhance your Tax Free Shopping journey. The innovation is already available in English, Chinese, Russian at several European merchants’ stores and shopping malls. Global Blue will introduce this solution to a growing number of locations in the coming months.