Issue your Tax Free Form directly on your mobile phone in few steps

Manage your Tax Free purchase wherever, Whenever on your mobile.

We know you have better things to do than waiting in line. That’s why we have launched Mobile Tax Free, for a faster and easier process in-store.

Shop and Register in store

In-store the sales staff needs to scan your passport and the sales receipt.

Request your Tax Free Form online

Before your departure, scan the QR code on the leaflet or click on the link received via email with your phone to request a Tax Free Form. Scan receipts and passport, enter your payment details. More details below about the steps.

Validate and get your Refund

Go to Customs before leaving the EU. Remember to have your receipts, goods and travel documents available for inspection. Refund will be with you immediately after digital Customs validation, on your payment details.

How to Request your Tax Free Form Online


Scan your Passport

We will need some personal details to process your refund.


Scan your purchase receipts

Snap, scan, done. We will also ask for the receipt amount.


Add your payment details

We have a variety of ways to get your refund, on payment cards or digital wallets.

More Tips

Do you want to speed up the process at Customs

When you leave the EU from France, go to a PABLO kiosk at point of departure. Scan the barcode of your Tax Free Form – no need to print the Form, you can scan it on your mobile phone. Please make sure you also have the goods purchased and your passport ready to be presented to Customs if required.

If you get a digital validation ( at Pablo Kiosk or custom desk), your refund will be paid automatically to your payment card.

If you leave the EU from another country, please make sure you print the Form and present it to Customs at your point of departure, together with the goods purchased and your passport.

Any questions?
Please contact us using our Customer Services portal or send an email to