Tax Free Shopping in Germany

Shop in Germany in three easy steps. Check the country rules for Tax Free shopping and get your refund.

Go Shopping

Go shopping and while paying, remember to ask for a Global Blue Tax Free Form. Here's what you need to know to shop Tax Free.

Country VAT rates

Standard VAT rate
Food, Books and maps
Antiquities and artifacts
Medicines and pharmaceutical

How much you need to spend minimum

50.01 EUR

Who is eligible?

  • Shoppers who are permanent residents in a non-EU country
  • Shoppers who have a valid long-term visa (over 3 months) for a non-EU country
  • Shoppers who are older than 18 years old

Non Refundable goods:

Tax Free Goods

Refunds are paid on items that are exported in the shoppers personal luggage. 

Refundable items must be unused.

Non Refundable goods:

  • Prepaid mobile services
  • Spare parts
  • Oil products
  • Vehicles
  • Services

Important Information to shop Tax Free in Germany

If you are a Global Blue member:
In most stores, you can scan your digital barcode at check-out. Your personal data will be automatically filled in on the Tax Free Form.

Not yet a Global Blue member?
Become one today.

Local information for SWISS Shopper
If you are a resident in Switzerland, Liechtenstein or Bussingen, you can get more from your purchases at Aldi Sud Shop. For more info read below.

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Get Customs Validation

If Germany is your last destination before leaving Europe, get your Tax Free Form validated when you exit the country. Find below the nearest Customs Office or self-validation Kiosk.

Time limit for validating your form

3 months + the issuing month of the Tax Free Form

Validity of stamped Form

4 years from the issuing date of the Tax Free Form

Important information to validate your Tax Free Form in Germany

Remember, in order to claim the VAT refund in a Global Blue office in Germany, the Tax Free Form must have been validated before exiting the country.

If Germany is your last destination before leaving the EU, please get your Tax Free Form validated before exiting the country. You can find Customs at any international airport and harbor.


Local information for UK Shopper
If you’re leaving the EU by car, please make sure to get your Tax Free Form validated by Customs at the German border.



Receive Your Refund

Visit any Global Blue Refund Office or Kiosk in Germany. Present the validated Tax Free Form and get your refund. For an automatic refund, check the payment details selected in store or saved on your Global Blue App and MCC.

Important information to get your refund in Germany

To get your refund at any Global Blue Refund Office in Germany, please provide the following:

  • Personal details and passport
  • Completed Tax Free Form validated by Customs 
  • Original purchase receipt
  • Purchased goods

More information

Still in doubt about the above steps? Check out our general guide.

Global Blue Addresses

Printed Tax Free Forms validated by Customs must be sent to:

Standard and registered mail
Global Blue P.O. Box 363, 810 00 Bratislava,
Slovakia, Europe

For courier
Global Blue, Prievozska 4D/Block E, 821 09 Bratislava,
Slovakia, Europe

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