Global Blue Opens a New Tax Free Shopping Lounge at El Corte Inglés, in the Heart of Madrid's Luxury Shopping District

The new Global Blue lounge in Madrid has been opened since September 2022 and has welcomed shoppers from all over the world. With an increasing number of luxury shopping tourists visiting Spain, Global Blue recognized the business potential in Madrid. They decided to partner with El Corte Inglés to launch a modern, VIP-oriented lounge in the Salamanca district of the city.

This new lounge offers exclusive Tax Free Shopping experiences to high-value global shoppers, providing them with a "one stop shop" solution and personalized services. Customers can take advantage of the convenient and luxurious amenities offered at the lounge, making their shopping experience in Madrid even more enjoyable.

The new Global Blue Tax Free Lounge offers an opportunity to tap into the growing market of luxury shopping tourists in Spain. It provides them with a unique and exclusive shopping experience. The new lounge has quickly become a popular destination for international shoppers seeking Tax Free Shopping and top-notch customer service. In the first few months of operation, it has established itself as a go-to spot for these visitors.

For further information about the Global Blue’s refund experience, have a look at the Global Blue Refund Options to learn more.


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