Majority of Chinese Shoppers Plan to Travel Internationally in 2023

The latest survey from Global Blue and Gusto Collective gives luxury brands reason to be optimistic: the majority of Chinese luxury shoppers surveyed plan to travel internationally this year. Europe is high on the agenda, with Paris ranking as the top pick among travelers.

The reopening of China's borders after a three-year hiatus presents a significant opportunity for luxury brands. In light of this news, Global Blue and Gusto Collective have partnered to create a comprehensive report. “From Insights to Actions: A blueprint for capturing the return of Chinese luxury shoppers” is a guide designed to assist luxury retailers worldwide prepare for the highly anticipated return of Chinese luxury shoppers. It offers valuable data, insights, and actionable strategies on how to deepen engagement with outbound Chinese shoppers.

China, the Biggest Opportunity for Luxury Brands

In the previous decade, Chinese shoppers became the world’s biggest luxury spenders, making one-third (€93 billion) of global sales[1]. Two thirds of those sales were made on trips abroad, particularly in Europe[1] while the remaining third in Mainland China.

Today, Chinese travelers are hungry for newness: looking to reconnect — with destinations, retailers, and brands. The data from the report offers a solid sense of optimism, revealing travel amongst Chinese luxury travelers is high with 92% of those surveyed planning an international trip in 2023.

Furthermore, 90% of shoppers plan to shop as much or more as pre-Covid in their next overseas trip[2]. This indicates a significant opportunity for luxury brands to capitalize on the pent-up demand for shopping overseas as Chinese shoppers likely will make up for the lost time.

From Insights to Actions: The New Affluent Shoppers

The Pandemic has led to profound behavioral changes. China’s retail and digital landscapes have continued to evolve and transform into a truly unique and innovative ecosystem. For brands, reconnecting with Chinese consumers requires an in-depth understanding of what motivates and engages them. 

By combining Global Blue's exclusive data on shopper behavior and insights into travelers' preferences and Gusto Collective's expertise in brand building across the physical and virtual worlds, the report provides brands with clear action steps for growing their businesses with these post-Covid affluent Chinese consumers.

We are delighted to see the return of Chinese shoppers, following a three-year hiatus. Our exclusive data on shopper behavior and extensive network of over 75,000 partners worldwide uniquely positions us at the forefront of this exciting development. Global Blue’s wealth of knowledge and expertise makes us well equipped to assist luxury brands in preparing for the arrival of this important market segment in Continental Europe.

Jacques Stern
CEO, Global Blue

By combining Global Blue's data and insights into travelers' preferences and Gusto Collective's expertise in brand building across the physical and virtual worlds, this report provides brands with a blueprint for growing their businesses with Chinese consumers. The data from the report offers a solid sense of optimism; the appetite for travel and shopping is definitely there. Now it’s up to brands to seize the opportunity!

Chloé Reuter
Founding Partner, Gusto Collective

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