Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

At Global Blue, we are committed to operating our business in a way that is both socially and environmentally conscious. We believe that our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts are not only the right thing to do, but also critical to our long term success.

Corporate Social Responsibility Goals

Global Blue is committed to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and has chosen four objectives to focus its initiatives on, as part of its commitment to a sustainable future. 

These goals include:

Industry Innovation and Infrastructure

which focuses on innovation and technology to streamline processes

Responsible Consumption and Production

which involves reducing paper usage, adopting waste and e-waste management procedures, and ensuring vendor selection based on sustainability goals

Climate Action

which includes reducing the environmental impact of business transportation and energy consumption at the workplace

Decent Work and Economic Growth

which involves being an equal opportunity employer, complying with fair labour practices, and creating sustainable new jobs through innovation and diversification

Global Blue is committed to the UN Global Compact, integrating its principles into our strategy and procedures.

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In the words of Global Blue CEO, Jacques Stern:

Global Blue is focused on implementing a strong Corporate Social Responsibility program. This includes caring for our employees, being trustworthy in terms of business ethics, IT, and data security, and reducing our environmental impact. We are already working on initiatives such as promoting social dialogue, respecting labour rights, and investing in sustainable technologies. We also plan to launch a program to assess and address our environmental impact this year. Global Blue is committed to continuing to grow and expand our CSR efforts as we strive to be a leader in our industry.

Jacques Stern
CEO, Global Blue

Focusing on the Environment: Our Top Initiatives

In 2021, a working group of volunteer employees designed the Global Blue Environment Strategy as part of the Global Blue Sustainability Pact, which commits the company to enacting long-term sustainable change within the workplace and through merchant and traveller ecosystems.

The Employee Pact

The Merchant Pact

The Traveller Pact

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The Employee Pact

  • Implementing waste sorting and recycling programs and training campaigns to reduce energy consumption to decrease waste and energy use at the workplace
  • Introducing an ambitious FlexWork policy and reducing business trips by 50% to decrease CO2 emissions from business travel and commuting, as well as gradually transitioning our vehicle fleet to hybrid and electric models
  • Ensuring sustainable procurement through green-label data centres, rolling out a Supplier Corporate Social Responsibility Charter and audits to key suppliers, and opting for green-label offices whenever a leasing period is over
  • Launching Green Days to enable employees to dedicate one day to planting trees, cleaning beaches, volunteering, and raising funds for charity
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The Merchant Pact

  • Promoting eTFS and paperless issuing in every country we operate in to remove paper at every touchpoint with merchants
  • Digitalizing invoices wherever local law enables us to do so
  • Reducing the printing of collaterals (envelopes, POS materials, and signages) and developing local printing guidelines on FSC paper
  • Digitalizing contract management
  • Acquiring sustainable tech solutions for merchants, including Yocuda (digital receipt solution), ZigZag (e-commerce return platform), Reflaunt, and Twig (tech providers supporting the resale economy)
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The Traveller Pact

  • Implementing a Traveller Giving Initiative from 2024, which allows travellers to donate all or part of their tax refund to a charity of their choice
  • Building partnerships with international NGOs and investigating a suitable giving system to make the Traveller Giving Initiative a reality

Assessment of our Progress

To measure and report on our CSR performance, we have established a number of metrics and targets, and conduct yearly reporting and regular stakeholder engagement.

Ecovadis bronze medal

In recognition of its commitment and continuous progress towards CSR, Global Blue has been awarded a Bronze Medal in 2023 by Ecovadis, the world's largest and most trusted provider of sustainability ratings.

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