An Enriched Shopping Experience with Global Blue's VIP Lounges

Strategically located in the top luxury shopping districts, Global Blue Lounges offer a welcoming space for VIP visitors to unwind and enjoy a first-class refund experience.
Global Blue VIP Lounge

Relax, Refresh, Refund: Enhancing the Customer Journey

Our Lounges allow VIP shoppers to relax, refresh, and secure refunds during their shopping sprees. Our Lounge executive team extends a warm welcome to VIP shoppers, inviting them to relax and enjoy refreshments while enjoying complimentary Wi-Fi connectivity. 

The team guides the shopper through the refund procedure, clarifying the process to ensure a seamless Tax Free Shopping journey.

The VIP shopper collects the refund and continues their shopping journey. 

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Enhanced Brand Exposure

The Global Blue VIP Lounge offers luxury brands an exclusive environment to showcase their products and services. When visitors step into our Lounges, they enjoy a more immersive experience with brand content and services, gaining access to the latest collections. Within this setting, shoppers can relish the ultimate brand product discovery experience.

Global Blue Lounge in Madrid

Key Benefits for Shoppers

Global Blue Lounges cater to the discerning needs of retailers' highest spenders, delivering the exceptional service they anticipate:

  • A First-Class Refund Experience: Shoppers enjoy an elevated and streamlined refund experience in comfort, as Lounge staff take care of form preparations, refund procedures, and extend support through concierge services.
  • Expanded Shopping Budget: Through an immediate cash or credit card refund, VIP shoppers can amplify their budget during their shopping experience.
  • Personalized Engagement: Our expert multilingual lounge advisors have the latest brand insights and luxury expertise, ensuring shoppers stay up-to-date and have the best brand product discovery experience.
Global Blue VIP Lounge room Vendôme in Paris

Key Benefits for Brands

Global Blue Lounges present a distinctive opportunity for enhancing luxury brands' clients post purchase experience, as well as personalized engagement with luxury shoppers:

  • Elevated and Exceptional Sales Experience: Through Global Blue Lounges, luxury retailers can provide their VIP shoppers an unparalleled sales journey, facilitated by early refunds and a concierge reception available in the Lounge.
  • Strategic Opportunity: The Lounge stands as a pivotal marketing opportunity, serving as the perfect setting to connect and captivate discerning shoppers through brand content and services.
  • Empowering KPIs for Brand Advancement: The brand will receive comprehensive KPI reports, measuring visibility, shopper demographics, and the impact of drive-to-store efforts on in-store activities in alignment with the brand's marketing objectives.
Global Blue Lounge Network

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Our network of six VIP lounges are located close to the main luxury shopping streets:


A different, high-quality way to reach your target audience. Not just brand and product exposure, but a partnership where Global Blue becomes an additional salesperson: trained, professional, and very helpful.

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