Welcoming Chinese Shoppers Back to Stores

As the key retail partner for capitalizing on the return of Chinese shoppers, Global Blue offers retailers innovative products and solutions. With our expert support, retailers can reap the full potential of the return of Chinese travelers.

Understand the Trends and Outlook

We equip retailers with unique benchmarks and forecasts. Our Business intelligence expertise monitors the latest trends and outlook for the return of Chinese shoppers, providing retailers a truly unique insight into this international shopper opportunity. 


With our cutting-edge tools and data analysis, retailers can stay ahead of the curve and make informed decisions to maximize their potential with Chinese luxury shoppers.

Enhance the Chinese Shopper Experience in Store with Fast and Error-Free Data Capture

To find out more about easing store operations for the return of Chinese travelers and capitalizing on their return, discover our solutions below:

Tour Group Management (TGM)

This API based solutions makes it easier to register groups before they arrive at their destination. It helps pre-identify and track sales generated by Tour Operators and Travel Agencies.

Wallet capture at the till

Alipay Wallets, WeChat Pay wallets, and UnionPay credit cards can be captured at the till using the Global Blue issuing interface, securing refunds and increasing revenue for retailers.

Enhance the Chinese Shopper Experience Both Inside and Outside the Store with Self-Refund Options

Asian woman with shopping bag and phone

Discover our best-in-class self-refund solutions to upgrade the Chinese shopper experience and ensure maximum flexibility:

  • A full digital Tax Free Shopping journey embedded in the Alipay App - Thanks to Global Blue’s exclusive partnership with Alipay, retailers can offer their shoppers a fully digital Tax Free Shopping journey embedded in the Alipay app.
  • Mobile Refund on WeChat, Alipay, and UnionPay - Within the Global Blue Mobile Customer Care solution, the traveler can setup Chinese wallets and credit cards as a payment target, giving them freedom of choice and a secure refund. 

Enhance the Chinese Shopper Experience with Dedicated Assistance

Discover our options to enhance the Chinese shopper experience with dedicated assistance: 

Mobile Customer Care (MCC)

Our step-by-step notification service sends real-time, transaction-triggered notifications directly to shoppers' smartphones with a link to a personalized website. With it, Chinese shoppers can track the status of their refund and be informed about the next required action. MCC notifications are available in Chinese, and Chinese travelers have the option to choose WeChat or Alipay as their preferred communication channel. 

Global Blue VIP lounges

Based in top luxury shopping districts, Global Blue Lounges provide luxury customers with a uniquely personal and exceptional refund experience. Chinese-speaking hosts and hostesses are available at all Global Blue lounges to assist with any language needs. Our network of six VIP refund lounges are located across Europe: Paris, Milan, Florence, Rome, Barcelona and Madrid.

Win Over Chinese Shoppers with a China-Ready Team

People shaking hands together

Our specialized programs aim to empower retail sales assistants by adapting the selling ceremony to Chinese shoppers, maximizing sales conversion and average spend. 

  • Basic Culture pack: This cultural tips webinar, gives client advisors a first introduction on the culture.
  • Expert Culture pack: This extended training deep dives on the customer profile and shopping behaviors through selling techniques and role play activities.

Driving Chinese Shoppers to Stores from Their Home Destination

The Alipay and Global Blue Extra Refund Campaign allows retailers to engage with Chinese shoppers who are visiting Europe within the Alipay App ecosystem. It aims to drive shoppers to store with a special “extra refund” benefit that doesn’t affect brand equity.

With this retailers can engage with geo-located shoppers and drive to store the right audience through accurate segmentation. 

Two colleagues engaged in collaborative analysis in front of a computer display

Monitoring KPIs to Optimise In Store Operations and Performance

Global Blue provides focused context on retailers' Tax Free Shopping performance and guidance on how to improve key Tax Free Shopping metrics for Chinese shoppers.
With Global Blue, retailers can benefit from:

  • Monthly merchant insights to monitor Chinese shoppers in store recovery versus the competition
  • Advanced Nationality Geo-statistics to identify missing opportunities to maximise Chinese shoppers traffic nearby your stores