Faster Tax Free Shopping Data Capture

Compatible with all IC2 solutions, our set of data-capturing tools make the Tax Free Shopping experience quicker, safer, and more efficient for shoppers and retail staff. Our technology enables brands with a high volume of traffic to reduce the time spent at till and increase the number of successful Tax Free Shopping transactions.

Traveller Data Capture

Our data capture options encompass several mechanisms to help retail staff easily and securely capture customer data.


SmartSearch enables the automatic-filling of personal data into a Tax Free Form by pulling information from the Global Blue traveller database.

Staff simply scan a barcode on the customer's smartphone or enter the country of residence and passport ID to access the data from past Tax Free Shopping purchases.

Passport scan

Passport Scan

Issuing is faster and easier with instant passport scanning via a mobile phone or Global Blue's passport scanner.

Captured from the device's camera, the data is automatically sent to the issuing solution without the need to re-enter the passport's details.

Self Data Capture

Self data capture enables customers to pre-fill their personal data for a Tax Free Form while they are browsing or waiting in store. A QR code displayed throughout the store and alerts on the store Wi-Fi page invite customers to provide their details, generating a barcode for automatic data extraction at checkout.

  • Raise awareness of Tax Free Shopping in store
  • Speed up data collection at the till
  • Empower customers to shop quicker 

Payment Card and Wallet Details Capture



Payment Card Tokenisation

Payment card tokenisation captures the customer's payment details as they pay for their goods. It ensures the correct refund payment method is secured and enables automatic digital refunds either in store or at the airport.

Thanks to payment card tokenisation, the Tax Free Shopping journey is simplified from three to two steps: Tax Free Form issuing in store and validation at exit point. Your customers will no more need to queue to get a refund.

Payment card tokenisation can be activated thanks to an integration with retailers’ payment service provider, or through a dedicated standalone terminal.

  • Increase the number of successful Tax Free refunds
  • No need to enter the payment method after purchase
  • Speed up issuing time at till
  • Ensures PCI- DSS compliance
Longchamp Store

Envisioning a seamless checkout experience was the next step to offer a smooth and fast customer experience. We needed partners that understood our innovative needs and were already present in our boutiques. We have a long-term and solid relationship with Global Blue. They have always been responsive and proactive in helping us improve our Tax Free performance.

Benoit Schmid
Retail IT Manager, Longchamp
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