Paying in Store with the Currency of Choice

Giving consumers currency choice, convenience, and competitive exchange rate certainty at the Point of Sale (POS).

Currency choice in store

We enable merchants and acquirers to provide foreign consumers with currency choice, convenience, and exchange rate certainty at the POS with our Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) solution.


Our DCC solution integrates with Visa and Mastercard payment acceptance channels in a seamless way. All stakeholders can connect to our DCC solution and payment processing Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) according to their needs.

Top-Tier Benefits for Merchants and Acquirers

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Enhanced Consumers’ Payment Journey

DCC enables merchants and acquirers to offer an upgraded payment experience to consumers making purchases abroad.

With DCC, consumers can choose the currency of their choice without the risk of foreign exchange rate fluctuations. This feature provides convenience and clarity on the best rate available.

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An Additional Revenue Generation

It generates additional revenue for merchants and acquirers that benefit from a share of the FX Commission.

By offering customers the ability to pay in their preferred currency, merchants and acquirers can also benefit from increased sales and customer satisfaction. 

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