Get Ready for the Return of the Luxury Chinese Shoppers

Discover an exclusive report on how to best attract and retain the Chinese luxury Shoppers.

Capturing the Return of Chinese Luxury Shoppers

As the world enters a post-pandemic era, luxury retailers celebrate the reopening of China's borders and the promise of welcoming back Chinese travellers.

According to Global Blue data, Mainland Chinese shoppers were the leading nationality for  Tax Free Shoppers globally in 2019. They accounted for a total of 4.25 million shoppers, spending an average of €1.6K per shopper vs. €950 for other nationalities.

To help luxury retailers prepare for the long-awaited return of Chinese affluent shoppers, Global Blue and Gusto Collective have created a comprehensive report showcasing how you can make the most of the return of Chinese shoppers.

This white paper has been created with the future in mind, providing luxury retailers with valuable insights, and recommended long-term and short-term actions to succeed in the wake of Chinese shoppers’ return.

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