Refund Experience

Our best-in-class digital solutions upgrade the experience for your customers at every step of the Tax Free Shopping journey.

Our Refund Options to Fit All Travellers Needs

We have over 850 refund points. 

They offer varied and personalised refund services based on the needs of different shoppers, giving them the power to choose what works best for them.


Refund partners

Flexible Refunds for All Shoppers

Our wide range of refund locations and methods mean that shoppers can have the ultimate choice when it comes to where and how they get their refund.

  • Customers have the option to receive their refund downtown, at the airport or by mailing back the form
  • Customers can choose cash, digital wallet or credit card payments
  • Ideal for infrequent shoppers who need maximum flexibility concerning their travel and budget
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Fast Refunds for Frequent Shoppers

Our Fast Refund service is initiated in a retailer's store. This means that shoppers can access their refund within the next working day, while they are still shopping in their destination.

  • Increase the purchase power of international customers while they are in the store's vicinity.
  • Simplify the experience for customers by removing the need to visit the airport refund desk.
  • Ideal for frequent shoppers who want quick access to an increased wallet size.
Reception room in Madrid Lounge

Lounge Refund Service for Elite Shoppers

Our network of six VIP refund lounges are based in the top luxury shopping districts across Europe: Paris, Milan, Florence, Rome, Barcelona and Madrid

They provide retailers' highest spenders with the exceptional service they expect.

  • Simplify and enrich the refund experience for luxury customers.
  • Provide a uniquely personal engagement opportunity with luxury shoppers, while they are close to the retailer's store.
  • Ideal for elite shoppers who require a first-class service and brand experience.

Payment Methods for Every Type of Shopper

Our wide range of payment methods means international customers can enjoy a seamless and tailored experience that satisfies their personal and cultural preferences. 

Payment methods include:

Cash directly from our refund points
Credit or debit card payments
Payments directly into digital wallets
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