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Our Business Intelligence solutions are informed by 35 million Tax Free Shopping transactions a year alongside analysis from our industry-leading partners, giving you a truly unique insight into the international shopper opportunity.
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Equipping Retailers with Unique Benchmarks and Forecasts

Our Business Intelligence solutions empower retailers to make better informed decisions when it comes to capturing the growth of international shoppers:

  • Benchmark Tax Free Shopping performance against market performance
  • Identify international shopper opportunities with access to traveller behaviour studies and analysis
  • Adapt tactical and strategic decisions for stores, based on short and long-term outlooks
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Understand the Market Dynamic

We ensure retailers have access to the latest market data and trends:

  • Monthly webinars and reports to monitor the latest shopper activity and assist with forecasting
  • Global Group events to deep dive into key international shopping trends and understand new customer opportunities
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Get Deep and Relevant Insight for Decision-Making

Global Blue advisory services support our clients in seizing and understanding international shoppers’ revenue opportunity. In particular, our access to the details and locations of the international shoppers' transactions empowers retailers, when: 

  • Opening a new store location or pop-up store
  • Launching a new product category
  • Understanding International Shoppers personae to help to frame Marketing Campaign

Global Blue covers a wide range of data points

WHO? - 13 M Clients

Name, Passport number, Country of residence, City of residence, Birthday, Age, Gender

WHAT? - 35M Detailed txn

Product, N. Items, Total amount, Payment means*

WHEN? - Purchase Moment

Date of purchase, Time of purchase

WHERE? Purchase Location

Country, City, Street, Store

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Access Global Blue Unique Data Set

Our data set is available for retailers in a wide range of manners, suiting retailers' daily business requirements: 

  • Ad-hoc studies with consultancy of our experts to bring customized value to brands
  • Data integration, to feed retailers' owned Business Intelligence tools in real-time 
  • Self-service interactive dashboards, accessible by subscription
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