Global Blue and OP 2.0 Partner to Offer Tax Free Shopping at La Vallée Village Boutique

Global Blue and OP 2.0 recently entered into a cooperation to offer Tax Free Shopping to international shoppers at the OP 2.0 La Vallée Village boutique. OP 2.0 is a French sneaker platform that specialiszs in limited-edition sneakers. The brand also focuses on footware services including sneaker restoration and maintenance, as well as customization. Thanks to our light-weight online solution, eligible shoppers can now enjoy Tax Free Shopping at the La Vallée Village boutique.

The teams were also very reactive. From the moment the decision had been made to implement the technology, it took less than a week to connect to the Global Blue IC2 Tax Free Shopping solution.

Ilan Spinosa
CEO, OP 2.0

In the future, Global Blue will continue to support the growth of OP 2.0 by providing Tax Free Shopping services at their upcoming store in Spain.

For further information about the Global Blue’s light-weight issuing solution, please visit the Global Blue In Store Issuing Technology Solutions.

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