Drive Chinese shoppers to your store with our Extra Refund Campaign with Alipay

Tap into the potential of Chinese shoppers through our 2023 Alipay and Global Blue Drive-to-Store campaign. Discover how we drive traffic to your store through our proven marketing strategies and explore our services and solutions to learn how our team can assist you.

Drive-to-Store with Alipay: The Key to Attracting Chinese Shoppers

The Alipay and Global Blue Extra Refund Campaign allows retailers to engage with Chinese shoppers who are visiting Europe within the Alipay App ecosystem. It aims to increase Chinese shopper footfall and drive shoppers to your store with a unique “extra refund” benefit that preserves brand equity.

Our end-to-end traveler journey targets Alipay users via in-app advertising when these shoppers make payments at their travel destinations. Participating brands offering an additional 20% refund to Chinese travelers are featured on the multibrand landing page and coupon page. Advertising by city for all Alipay users is based on the smartphone geolocation service.

Chinese travelers can easily filter luxury and lifestyle brands, view available brand coupons, and save their preferred coupons to their Alipay wallet. At the store, retail advisors can scan the QR code while Global Blue systems verify the coupon's validity. The Extra Refund is automatically paid after Customs validation.

Our previous successful Drive-to-Store campaign with Alipay during Europe's Golden Week in 2019 featured fourteen prestigious luxury brands across seven prominent cities: Paris, Milan, Florence, Rome, Barcelona, Munich, and London.

Customers enjoyed exclusive benefits by utilizing Alipay for purchases at participating brand stores, seamlessly integrated within the app. This campaign delivered outstanding results, including more than 56,000 downloaded coupons and an impressive total additional sales of €3.35 million.

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