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Discover our in-depth report highlighting key insights and emerging trends in Continental Europe from last summer. The blueprint also highlights the key takeaways to be retained for this year.

Summer 2023: Winning Over International Shoppers

Summer 2022 presented a significant opportunity for luxury retailers worldwide. With the world slowly recovering from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, shoppers were eager to spend their lockdown savings and embark on long-awaited travels after two years of restrictions. From June to August 2022, Continental Europe witnessed a remarkable issued sales-in-store[1] recovery, reaching 94% compared to 2019.

At Global Blue, we are already envisioning an even stronger shopper recovery for summer 2023, thanks to the long-awaited return of Chinese shoppers after a three-year absence.

Our exclusive report is designed with luxury retailers in mind. It uncovers last year's top trends among international shoppers and expert advice on how to capitalize on how to prepare for the summer of 2023.


[1] Like-for-like recovery

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