Specialised Processing Solutions

With Global Blue Transact, outsource your authorisation, clearing and settlement processing for Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC), Multi-Currency Pricing (MCP) and other specialised acquirer use cases.
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Financial Processing of your DCC and MCP Transactions

Global Blue Transact provides authorisation, clearing and settlement processing for DCC and MCP transactions accepted by merchant and ATM acquirers. Global Blue Transact is certified with eligible card schemes for DCC authorisation, clearing and settlement processing and is a trusted advisor to acquirers for all DCC matters.

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Flexibility for Acquirers

Global Blue Transact technology is modular and can adapt to all acquirers’ needs. Acquirers can, for example, choose to use different institution acquirer IDs for DCC and MCP transactions. They can also perform their own DCC authorisation switching and use Global Blue Transact for clearing and settlement only etc.

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Multi-Currency Processing

Global Blue Transact supports the merchant and card scheme settlements in different currencies, including fee calculations for both sides of the transaction flow. The solution enables a merchant to sell goods and services priced in various currencies, and receive funds settlement for card payment in their original sale currency.

Key Benefits for Acquirers

Reduced time-to-market
Reduce operating costs
Minimize risk exposure and fraud risk
Get what you need

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