Global Blue Teams Up with Alipay for Drive to Store Campaign, Boosting In-Store Sales

Global Blue and Alipay join forces in a performance boosting collaboration: the Drive to Store Campaign. Our goal is to captivate Chinese customers and ignite their excitement for in-person retail experiences. Together, we unleash the great potential of Chinese Shoppers, to drive footfall and skyrocket in-store sales.

In this collaboration with our esteemed partner, Alipay, we introduce an exclusive opportunity to drive Chinese shoppers directly to your stores.

Win over Chinese shoppers to grow your business

In the luxury industry, Chinese shoppers have emerged as unrivaled leaders, representing a staggering one-third (€93 billion) of global sales in 2019. Global Blue data also revealed over 4.25 million Chinese shoppers spent an average of €1,600 per shopper. With a total tax free spend of €6.7 billion, the immense potential of the Chinese market is clear.

As borders reopen and air capacity from Mainland China to Europe steadily recovers (51% for July), the time is ripe for luxury retailers to seize this lucrative market opportunity. To fully capitalize on this potential, integrating Alipay in-store is essential, enabling seamless connections with Chinese shoppers and driving sales.

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Drive to store with Alipay extra refund campaign

With an extraordinary user base of over one billion, Alipay strategically engages Chinese shoppers by leveraging its geotargeting capabilities to guide them to nearby stores. Through the exclusive Alipay and Global Blue partnership, Chinese customers can enjoy a remarkable 20% extra refund incentive, courtesy of the brand. This prompts shoppers to visit the store, increase footfall and boost in store sales. This collaboration not only safeguards brand equity and positioning but also enhances the value for Chinese shoppers within the Alipay ecosystem.

The additional refund offer is available solely through the Alipay and Global Blue partnership. Retailers can effortlessly integrate this offer into their Point of Sales system without extensive configuration or manual setup if they already have our IC2 solution.


The success of the 2019 Golden Week campaign

In 2019, the Global Blue and Alipay Drive to Store campaign during Europe’s Golden Week featured an Extra Refund promotion. Spanning four weeks from September 20 to October 20, the campaign showcased fourteen prestigious luxury brands across seven prominent cities: Paris, Milan, Florence, Rome, Barcelona, Munich, and London.

Customers enjoyed this exclusive benefit by using Alipay for purchases at participating brand stores, seamlessly integrated within the app and Global Blue Tax Free refund process. This exclusive incentive enhanced the shopping experience, offering travelers an additional purchasing power.

The 2019 Golden Week campaign displayed exceptional results:

The results of the 2019 campaign

Contact us if you would like to join the pool of luxury retailer who are already taking part in this edition of the Global Blue and Alipay Drive to Store Campaign.

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