Tax Free Shopping

We empower merchants to capture the growth of international shoppers through Tax Free Shopping (TFS) technology solutions.

Tax Free Shopping enables international shoppers to claim back the VAT on their eligible purchases when they shop abroad.

A typical Tax Free Shopping journey begins with the international shopper purchasing goods in a store, with VAT included in the price, and follows three steps:

  1. The issuing of a Tax Free form at the point of sale
  2. The validation of the Tax Free form by Customs when the shopper leaves the country
  3. The refund of the VAT to the shopper once the transaction is validated

At the centre of the international shopping ecosystem, we have developed different expertise that include technology to improve efficiency in the store, Smart Data & Business Intelligence to identify International Shoppers growth’s opportunity, Targeted Marketing Solutions to increase footfall, Sales techniques and smart Technology to convert footfall into sale, and personalized customer journey to enhance performance.

Thanks to this expertise, we provide:

  • For international shoppers: incremental purchasing power from the VAT refund as well as a seamless and personalised shopping experience.
  • For merchants: incremental sales from international shoppers, increased brand awareness abroad, an easy process to issue Tax Free transactions and additional revenue streams.

For Customs & Authorities: increased country attractiveness, higher security and fully-compliant operations in countries where the Tax Free Shopping scheme is digitalized.