19 03 06 - WeChat early refund available downtown

Early refunds service enables Chinese globe shoppers to be refunded instantly on WeChat Pay wallets

Global Blue and WeChat have launched a pilot for early tax refund service onto WeChat users’ digital wallet in KaDeWe department store, Germany. This innovation increases Chinese travellers’ purchasing power instantly, whilst still shopping abroad, with benefits for merchants also both in terms of in store sales and brand image.

The refund process only requires a few steps for travellers and merchants to complete:

  • Chinese traveller finished his purchases in the store and receives his Tax Free forms in store
  • At the refund point, he selects WeChat as his tax refund payment method and open the WeChat app on his smartphone to scan a QR code from the leaflet provided by the refund agent
  • The refund agent scans the QR code from the traveller’s mobile phone, confirms the refund amount and validates the payment order onto the traveller’s WeChat Pay wallet
  • The traveller then receives a real-time notification via WeChat, confirming the refund has been successfully deposited into their digital wallet and they can continue their shopping journey

Global and WeChat already collaborated on other innovations in the past, including real-time refund service in January 2018 available at 700 locations worldwide, followed by Mobile Customer Care extended to WeChat.

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