18 05 10 - Real-time refunds with Alipay and WeChat now available worldwide

After becoming the first Tax Free Shopping provider to introduce real-time refunds to Alipay and WeChat accounts, the service is now extended to over 700 refund points worldwide

From this May, real-time refunds to Alipay and WeChat digital wallets will be available to over 700 of Global Blue’s refund locations across the world.  The extension of the service follows a successful launch in 2017, which made Global Blue the first Tax Free Shopping provider to offer mobile payment refund options.

A seamless experience, with instant results

The new service offers Chinese customers more choice and flexibility around how they receive their VAT refund, and a more seamless experience, speeding up the Tax Free process at the airport.

Additionally, customers can see the refund arrive immediately into their Alipay or WeChat Pay account, in their home currency. This real-time benefit has received positive feedback from Chinese Globe Shoppers and has led to high acceptance since launch.

Chinese Globe Shoppers’ preferred payment solution

Thanks to the popularity of the providers, Global Blue expects Alipay and WeChat Pay to become two of the most important and popular refund options for Chinese customers.

Please see here for the full press release.