19 02 06 - Tax Free Shopping results show luxury sector boosts British retailers’ performance

On February 5th, Global Blue’s President & CEO, Jacques Stern, spoke at Walpole’s event on the Future of British Luxury Brands. He presented the United Kingdom (UK) Tax Free Shopping performance over the last 5 years.

The UK is the second largest European country for Tax Free Shopping right after France and before Italy

• The Luxury category, which represents about two-thirds of tax free spend in the UK, shows the strongest progression over the past 5 years, +7.2%, whereas Lifestyle brands has risen by +5.8% and Premium ones by +2.6%

• Department stores are the favoured destination to buy luxury items, they register the highest average spend in the country at £3,000

• The UK is the preferred European shopping destination for Gulf Countries citizens, they represent 26% of Tax Free Shopping spend in the country, only 5% in France

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