Global Blue re-appointed as Uruguay’s Tax Free Shopping provider

Global Blue has been re-appointed as exclusive provider of Tax Free Shopping for Uruguay by Uruguayan Government for the next four years.

The re-appointment follows four successful years of partnership, with 2016 Tax Free Shopping transactions several times higher than 2012. Global Blue also announces the launch of South America’s first VAT self-validation and refund kiosk, recently deployed at Montevideo airport.

Continuing the successful relationship between Global Blue and the Uruguayan Government, which began in December 2012, the new agreement includes the provision of digital Tax Free Shopping services and marketing activities designed to promote Uruguay as a Shopping destination. The agreement also includes responsibility for all software and hardware which links local retailers and Uruguayan Customs to the digital Tax Free Shopping platform.

Global Blue’s investment in technology begins with the opening of South America’s first digital refund validation kiosk at Montevideo airport. The kiosk automates the checking and stamping Tax Free Forms, meaning validation can be completed more quickly and securely. This speeds up the VAT refund process, reduces queues in the airport and improves the refund experience for globe shoppers.

For more information, please see the press release