14 May 2019 - Mobile Customer Care celebrates second anniversary and divulged exciting first results

Global Blue is celebrating the 2nd anniversary of Mobile Customer Care, one of its most lauded innovations, designed for both international shoppers and merchants alike.

Mobile Customer Care (MCC) is an exclusive solution to Global Blue, providing step-by-step mobile support to globe shoppers through to the successful completion of their tax refund

Since its launch in 2017, the solution has assisted 1 million travellers shopping in 55,000 stores in 27 countries worldwide. Merchants which offer the solution benefit from improved post-sale customer service and more completed refunds with a +4% higher completion rate than non-MCC transactions

Recent product innovations include adding WeChat notifications to better support Chinese globe shoppers and a new feature allowing travellers to register their credit card in advance 

Future improvements include the integration of MCC in the Alipay ecosystem.

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