22 Feb 2020 - Global Blue brings world's first fully mobile Tax Free Shopping experience

Global Blue has become the first international Tax Free Shopping provider to make it possible for travellers to gain export validation of their digital Tax Free form via their mobile phone.

  • Thanks to Global Blue's latest innovation, travellers can now independently gain export validation for their Tax Free Shopping purchases, making their experience faster and more seamless
  • This new technology makes Global Blue the first international Tax Free Shopping provider to offer a completely mobile solution for travellers, from issuing of the Tax Free form to export validation and refund payment
  • Mobile validation has already launched in Europe (Cyprus), South America (Uruguay) and Asia (Singapore) and will be introduced to more locations throughout 2020

The new technology is designed to make Tax Free Shopping faster and easier for both travellers and customs authorities, by enabling the traveller to self-validate from the palm of their hand, once they are at the airport or border and ready to leave the country.

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