Global Blue launches early refund services with UnionPay

Global Blue has launched a number of early refund services for UnionPay credit cardholders, offering greater flexibility around when and how they are paid VAT refunds.

Offering greater flexibility

The new services allow Global Blue affiliated merchants to initiate refunds at point of sale, debit refunds direct to UnionPay cardholders’ accounts and pay refunds in cash. Merchants will also be able to provide VAT refunds on purchases to UnionPay cardholders before they are validated by Customs and exported.

Market disrupting advantages

For UnionPay cardholders, these services mean a greatly improved Tax Free Shopping experience with a number of benefits. The ability to claim refunds directly to a cardholder’s account streamlines the refund process, making it simpler and more straightforward. It also means travellers can save valuable time at the airport by reducing the need to queue for refunds in the terminal.

Furthermore, UnionPay cardholders claiming refunds in cash from Downtown Refund points will have access to their payments immediately, giving them the opportunity to shop and spend more before leaving their destination.

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