18 04 10 - Global Blue and the BFC promote UK fashion and shopping

Partnering with the British Fashion Council, Global Blue will raise the profile of its Tax Free Shopping service among leading British designers, while highlighting the relevance of the UK’s prominent fashion scene to its globe shopper audience.

London, 5 April 2018: Global Blue and the British Fashion Council (BFC) have formed a collaborative partnership to promote the UK’s fashion, retail and Tax Free Shopping opportunities.

Partnering with an influential advocate

A linchpin for the British fashion industry, the BFC delivers high-profile events, including the iconic London Fashion Week and is an advocate for leading British fashion designers.

As part of the partnership, the BFC will promote Global Blue’s industry-leading Tax Free Shopping service to its extensive network of leading British designers and retailers. Global Blue will also be present at London Fashion Week festival events, offering its tax refund service to international attendees.

Promoting British fashion and shopping to high-value Globe Shoppers

Global Blue’s role in the collaboration will be to use its range of multichannel marketing products to create unique content for globe shoppers who are looking to find out more about what to do, where to shop and what to buy when they visit the UK.

This includes the promotion of London Fashion Week and profiles of British designers on Global Blue’s website, which receives over 14 million hits per year, as well as coverage in SHOP magazine and on Global Blue’s social media sites.

Sharing knowledge to better attract globe shoppers

Through the partnership, Global Blue will provide British designers with insights on how to attract the lucrative globe shopper market.

As part of this commitment, James Morris, Global Blue’s chief marketing officer, spoke at today’s British Fashion Council event, BFC Market Series, China, alongside Guillaume de Roquefeuil, CEO of Global Blue partner and Chinese payment specialist EuroPass.

At the event, James Morris and Guillaume de Roquefeuil shared in-depth knowledge of Chinese globe shopper behaviour and expectations, from payment preferences to shopping patterns. In addition, Morris shared insight on most relevant and effective marketing platforms for this audience.