Second edition of Global Blue & Roland Berger’s merchant event in Paris

Global Blue and strategy consultancy Roland Berger held the second edition of their annual conference in Paris on 6 June, to discuss the Millennial generation

The event Gen Y – Who are tomorrow’s Globe Travellers and Globe Shoppers? – A definite generation to target or only a source of inspiration? brought together industry experts at Roland Berger’s Paris offices to discuss the habits of a generation that is reshaping the travel and shopping industry.  

The conference was attended by over 100 industry figures from leading retail, hospitality and transport organisations, along with several public authority representatives. The event provided attendees with a profile of this multifaceted generation, along with data about their habits when travelling and when shopping abroad.

Laurent Delmas, Global Blue Chief Operating Officer South Europe, and Sébastien Manceau, Principal Retail & Tourism at Roland Berger, presented their respective studies before ceding the floor to Jean-François Martins, Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of Tourism and Sports, who gave the audience useful insight into Paris’s strategy for addressing this specific generation.

Later on, a roundtable discussion took place, led by Alexis Gardy (Senior Partner at Roland Berger) with Nicolas Lefebvre (Director of the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau), Guillaume de Roquefeuil (EuroPass Founder and Director), Eric Briones (Founder of Darkplanneur) and Cédric Gobilliard (Senior Vice-President Lifestyle Divison at AccorHotels), allowing these experts to share their visions of this powerful generation.

The event was also an opportunity to produce a joint report with Roland Berger, providing our audience and merchants with detailed data, trends and tips on how to address Millennials and how best to benefit from this generation.