Global Blue expands its digital marketing opportunities with China’s leading online tour operator Ctrip

Working with selected companies from the Chinese travel industry can play an essential role in being able to communicate with Chinese Globe Shoppers in China at the itinerary planning stage through to destination while navigating their chosen shopping city.

Ctrip is China’s largest Online Travel Agencies (OTA), providing its 300-million active members with air tickets, visas, accommodation, vacation, cruise or business trip offers. 85% of Chinese FIT (Free and Independent Travel) bookings are made on Ctrip, with 40% spending on shopping above RMB 20,000 per trip.

To be able to target this important audience, Global Blue has the ability to build with its brand partners digital marketing campaigns specific to Chinese travel industry platforms online, apps and social including Ctrip.

Exclusive and unique communication opportunities with real value

Working with Ctrip for more than 6 years, Global Blue is able to offer its brand partners exclusive digital communication opportunities to target Chinese travellers planning their trip looking for shopping information and at destination for specific drive-to-store offers with Ctrip’ ‘Virtual-Tour-Group’ management in WeChat.

Global Blue and Ctrip targeted digital communication:

  1. Advertising: Ctrip dedicated destination shopping channels, with brand banner advertising, brand content, promotional offers and store-points-of-interest.
  2. International shopping push mails: Ctrip electronic-direct-mail to travellers sent following trip confirmation allowing brands to communicate and engage with travellers while planning their shopping itinerary.
  3. Messages in Ctrip managed WeChat groups: Ctrip ‘Virtual-Tour-Leader’ allows Chinese FIT visitors to a country or city to join a virtual tour in WeChat with daily recommendations of attractions, events, restaurants and brand communication with specific drive-to-store invitations.

Global Blue’s expertise

Global Blue traveller marketing services enables brands to understand, select, execute and measure effective marketing campaigns with Ctrip.

Besides Ctrip, Global Blue has also partnered for example with major airline companies such as China Eastern Airlines, consumer review platform Dianping, and Handy the complimentary smartphone for elite travellers available in luxury hotels.

To learn more about Global Blue marketing and consultancy services and how this can benefit your brand, please contact your local Global Blue account manager.