New SHOP TAX FREE app launched to improve TFS for travellers

Global Blue launches the new version of its SHOP TAX FREE app, the latest in a series of digital innovations to help improve the Tax Free Shopping (TFS) experience for Globe Shoppers. The smart, intuitive tool provides travellers with everything they need to shop Tax Free in the palm of their hand.


  • New and improved SHOP TAX FREE app is the ideal companion for Globe Shoppers
  • Powerful new features include live tracking of tax refunds, advanced mapping, comprehensive Tax Free Shopping information for destinations around the world and digital SHOP TAX FREE Card
  • Available on both iOS and Android devices


Globe Shoppers can now download the newly launched SHOP TAX FREE app from Global Blue, designed to provide them with a seamless and personalised experience at every stage of their Tax Free Shopping journey.

Available in English, Russian and Chinese, the app is designed primarily to help frequent* Globe Shoppers plan, shop and claim Tax Free refunds through their smartphone. Access to fast and easy-to-use features is particularly important to this group who account for around 8% of Globe Shoppers, but over 40% of spend worldwide.

Refund tracking and management

The app features a comprehensive range of tools to help travellers actively manage their tax refunds. Live tracking of all refunds can be accessed at the touch of a button and is complemented by contextual alerts. Geo location services also guide them to the nearest Custom and Refund offices.

Global Blue’s Refund Calculator has also been incorporated, providing live currency updates and automatic home currency conversion. TFS information such as minimum purchase amounts and local Tax Free Shopping rules is also accessible through the app, giving users the tools they need to manage their shopping trips.

One touch enrolment

Through the app, the phone’s camera enables one touch enrolment to Global Blue’s SHOP TAX FREE Card via passport scanning, reducing the time spent on registration. Accepted in 305,000 stores worldwide, the SHOP TAX FREE Card helps Globe Shoppers claim refunds without the hassle of filling in Tax Free Forms. After enrolment is completed, the app generates a virtual SHOP TAX FREE Card, which can be added to Apple Wallet for easy use.

The phone’s camera also acts as an inbuilt barcode scanner, aiding the easy identification of Tax Free Forms and unlocking the benefits of the live refund tracker.

Advanced mapping and geo-location

The app’s map feature provides advanced search functionality, enabling Globe Shoppers to look for retailers by city, brand and store name when planning their trip. The app clusters areas of densely populated stores to aid navigation to affiliated merchants. Global Blue will be updating the app to include all its global refund points and merchant locations in the coming months.

The app is also a powerful tool when the traveller arrives at their destination, helping them explore cities and locate the stores they love, using geolocation. For merchants, these geolocation services can be used to promote specific stores or refund offices, providing additional marketing opportunities.

For Global Blue partners, the app represents an important differentiator, enabling them to offer a truly market-leading TFS service to their customers. 

Aside from the customer satisfaction and service benefits, the app will help deliver more travellers to stores, reduce time spent on enrolment and increase completed Tax Free refunds, maximising revenue for partners.

The app is available now on iOS and Android and can be downloaded at the App Store and Google Play Store. For more information about the app, please contact your local Global Blue sales team.


*Frequent Globe Shopper: Global Blue identifies this group as travellers who have have shopped Tax Free over three times during the last 24 months.