Global Blue partners with Handy to engage with Globe Shoppers

With customer engagement at location increasingly important for international merchants, Global Blue has partnered with Handy mobile, a company that provides travellers with smartphones in destination hotel rooms to reach high net-worth individuals, and drive footfall to stores during their trip

Generating brand exposure with Globe Shoppers and driving them in-store during their trip is a challenge faced by all international retailers. To help solve this problem, Global Blue has launched a strategic partnership with Handy, enabling its partners to target international travellers to London, Paris, Milan, Rome, Singapore and Tokyo.

Handy is a complimentary smartphone service that keeps four and five-star hotel guests connected during their stay. Available as free service to guests at many of the world’s leading hotel chains, the devices allow guests to stay connected to friends, family, social media and the hotel itself. The device is available to use in the hotel to connect directly with front desk and concierge; but more importantly, Handy users can take the device with them when exploring the city, with access to exclusive city guides and a range of promoted content. With free local and international calls via the device and the opportunity to stay connected without the fear of roaming and data charges, the Handy device is a trusted companion for the savvy Globe Shopper.

Global Blue merchants advertising with Handy will benefit from exclusive rates and a brand-new channel to deliver their message to high net-worth Globe Shoppers. Global Blue offers a number of attractive advertising formats to engage with travellers through Handy’s 200,000 devices, located in 1,250 leading hotels worldwide.

Global Blue and Handy also enable partners to deliver adverts and promotions to travellers via push notifications, allowing brands to target customers based on their proximity to brands store.

The service will be rolled out to new cities in the coming months, including Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Prague, Dusseldorf, Amsterdam, Madrid, Barcelona, Geneva, Zurich Seoul and Kuala Lumpur. To find out more about Global Blue’s partnership with Handy, please get in touch with your local sales team.