Global Blue and Alipay extend their partnership to additional airports

20 July 2017 - Global Blue extends its real-time VAT digital refund service on Alipay wallets across its European airport refund network.   


20 After a successful launch across Global Blue’s refund points in Milan Malpensa, Munich and Helsinki airports last February, Chinese Globe Shoppers will now be able to claim their tax to be directly refunded onto their Alipay wallets in 14 additional European airports.

For Chinese Globe Shoppers visiting Europe, 70% of which favour collecting their cash or credit card refund at airports, these 14 added locations represent valuable new refund options.

After making their purchases and completing their Tax Free Forms, Chinese shoppers choosing to receive their refund via Alipay can now complete the transaction from a Global Blue airport refund counter.

At this stage, the Chinese traveller simply needs to present the refund operator with a barcode generated by the Alipay app on his smartphone. The operator scans the code, confirms the refund amount and approves the payment to the customer’s Alipay account. The shopper then receives a real-time notification from Alipay, confirming the refund has been deposited to his Alipay account successfully.

The service speeds up these valuable customers’ Tax Free Shopping journeys, with great benefits to their in-airport experience, right before they leave the country.

Available exclusively to Global Blue affiliated merchants, this innovative refund option is newly available in the airports of Madrid, Amsterdam, Stockholm or Zurich (among others) and will continue to be deployed across Europe’s most important airports during the summer.

For more information, please contact your local Global Blue representative.