Chinese demand for travel to Japan has increased by +130%

Global interest in travel to Japan has increased by an average of +15% and for Chinese it’s up +130%, according to a new report by TripAdvisor.

Global interest in travel to Japan has increased by +15% on average, says TripAdvisor in a recently released report on inbound tourism prospects for Japan – and Chinese tourists’ interest in travelling to Japan has increased by +130%, far outpacing other inbound markets, reports the Pacific Asia Travel Association.

Chinese visitors continue to boost Japanese tourism market

Numbers of tourists from the Asia-Pacific region planning trips to Japan also show various degrees of growth, notably in Singapore, Indonesia and Taiwan, China, Japan remains a popular long-haul destination for European and American tourists. The countries showing the fastest-growing interest in travelling to Japan are China (+130%), Singapore (+37%), Indonesia (+30%), Taiwan, China (+25%), Canada (+24%), South Korea (+22%), Spain (+21%), Italy (+19%), the UK (+16%), Australia (+10%). All figures are year-on-year (YoY) growth.

Kanazawa in the Ishikawa prefecture has seen the greatest YoY increase in international travel interest at +65%, followed by Ishigaki island in Okinawa, up +52%, says TripAdvisor.

Japan’s natural and cultural heritage attract international visitors

The TripAdvisor report also found that the biggest attractions in Japan for international tourists are natural beauty, culture, characteristic sights and landmarks. Among these, the most sought-after are outdoor activities in Gifu; Ishikawa’s cultural landscapes; the Ibaraki and Miyazaki prefectures; the unique landmarks in Toyama; and the hot springs in Oita prefecture.

‘From the data in this report, we can easily find that China is still the largest source country to Japan’s inbound tourism market,’ says Song Lin, chief operating officer of TripAdvisor China. ‘The rich resources in each region have played a positive role in promoting the Japanese tourism industry.’

Global Blue takeouts:

• As the Chinese desire for cultural experience starts to outweigh simple shopping pursuits, Japan’s rich and diverse natural landscape, plus seasonal tourist attractions such as springtime sakura cherry blossom viewings, are driving a change in taste for Chinese globe shoppers seeking short-haul trips abroad.

• Beach holidays and ski resorts are attracting the attention of Chinese travellers, who want to visit Japan for activities instead of shopping-led city breaks.