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Our refund solutions for convenience and personalisation

A single service option cannot meet the needs of all retailers and all Globe Shoppers. We constantly innovate to provide you with a set of services that allow you to personalise your offer, making the process seamless and satisfying whatever the nationality and profile of your Globe Shoppers.

Whether they want to be refunded in store, at the airport or at home, to their credit card, in cash or on mobile payment platforms, we have a solution to make their journey effortless.

Discover our unique suite of solutions that ensure you meet travellers’ needs and preferences

Help your Globe Shoppers get their refund while travelling

Fast Refund Service
You can offer your Globe Shoppers the benefits of our Fast Refund service in-store, allowing them to receive their refund on their credit card within 2 days after purchase or instantly on their Alipay wallet.
The instant refund on Alipay wallet is a new service introduced at the beginning of 2018. Read more
They have more money to shop while they are travelling and a simpler process on departure!

Please your Chinese shoppers with their preferred payment option

Alipay Real-Time Refund
Chinese shoppers can now get real-time refunds at our Refund Offices in 14 Europe airports or in dedicated stores, directly to their Alipay wallet. - Read more
They can also get a real-time refund in some stores with the Fast Refund service

Refund on UNIONPAY Credit Cards
Chinese travellers can also benefit from an advance refund on their UnionPay card, in store with the Fast Refund service or downtown in our Refund Offices.

WeChat pays Real-Time Refund
Global Blue also partners with WeChat to offer Chinese shoppers the opportunity to get their refund instantly on their WeChat Pay accounts, in selected airports. Read more

New Ctrip Tax Back Home service
Global Blue and Ctrip have launched a new Tax Back Home service together, allowing Chinese users to get their tax refund paid directly into their Ctrip digital wallet through Chinese agent United Money. 

Ensure your customers get their refund with the best after-sale service

Mobile Customer Care – the first personal guide to Tax Free Shopping
Discover our new traveller-facing solution, which delivers live status updates on tax refunds and real-time, relevant notifications to shoppers, guiding them step by step to the successful completion of the refund process.
Completing the process has never been so easy. - Read more

VIP Lounges
In key cities such as Milan, Rome and Madrid, we have opened VIP lounges at the heart of the most famous shopping districts, to provide a break for your valuable shoppers and allow them to get early refunds in comfort. - Read more

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