END OF TAX FREE SHOPPING IN THE UK. Find out more what this means for merchants and partners.

Our in-store solutions for printing Tax Free Forms

We provide a range of online solutions for your staff to print Tax Free Forms in seconds. We upgrade them continuously to make sure you benefit from our latest innovation around making issuing easier and faster – also providing better service for your shoppers.

Discover our latest innovations, the IC2 solutions:
• New technology, running on different platforms to adapt to your business
• Fully enabled for digital validation
• Equipped with new features to facilitate traveller data capture
• Customisable for Mobile Customer Care
• Instant, automatic capture of the transaction in our PCI-compliant issuing server
• Allows various peripheral plug-ins such as passport reader and card readers
• Automatically completes traveller details with the SHOP TAX FREE Card
• Secure data storage of all transactions

Our portfolio:

IC2 Mobile
New App for Tablets

Our latest innovation for convenience and style
• Available in app stores (Apple iTunes, Google Play Store, Microsoft Windows Store)
• Built-in camera to scan documents (passport, cards, QR codes, etc) and speed up issuing
• Support for thermal and A4 printers via WLAN or Bluetooth

IC2 Kiosk
Self-issuing Kiosk

Immediate traveller self-service
• Travellers create their Tax Free Forms themselves via a simple user interface
• Receipt scanning for automatic fill-in of purchase details
• Passport scanner to ensure Tax Free Form is 100% correct and complete
• Language selector (13 different languages)


IC2 Web and Desktop
Web-based application and PC windows-based software

Efficient solutions, just a click away
• Intuitive user interface
• Instant issuing
• Self-service account management
• Historical transaction overview with real-time refund tracker
• Use of existing hardware supporting thermal and A4 printers


IC2 Fusion
Integration with POS (point-of-sale) system and payment provider

Fully PCI compliant all-in-one solution
• Our most complete solution is fully integrated and works seamlessly with your POS (point-of-sale) and payment solutions, for the fastest issuing
• Credit card data transformed into token for ultra-secure data capture and PCI compliance


IC2 Integra & IC2 Source
Integration with POS (point-of-sale) system (light or complete)

Issuing as fast as pressing a button
• Full integration with POS (points-of-sale) for seamless flow in store
• Automatic capture of SKU and product descriptions, printed on Tax Free Form
• Automatic capture of travellers’ details if included in POS/CRM
• Works with more than 100 POS systems


IC2 Terminal
Terminal solutions including (depending on models) Tax Free Form issuing, payment and DCC functionalities (1 in 1, 2 in 1 or 3 in 1)

Plug & play' solutions
• Integration of payment & DCC functions
• Intelligent eligibility detection
• Flexible connection: WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth and Ethernet
• Upgraded versions fully PCI compliant
• Passport reader can be attached