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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence solutions to understand the international shopper opportunity

Our portfolio of innovative Smart Data & Business Intelligence solutions has been developed with the objective to empower merchants and partners to capture the international shopper opportunity and improve their performance.

Our global leadership and geographic coverage give us access to a unique set of data we combine with third-party partners to offer you a complete visibility on your activities. These insights support you and your teams across the entire interaction with international shoppers, from resource planning, to refining marketing strategies to increase revenue.

Our Business Intelligence portfolio answers four different needs:

1. Benchmark your Tax Free Shopping performance
We produce detailed performance reports with a breakdown of Tax Free spend and transactions at country, city, store and spend bracket levels, against relevant and representative benchmarks.

2. Identify international shopper traffic opportunities
We provide detailed insights around international shoppers’ nationality, demographics and spending potential.

3. Adapt in-store strategy and experience to international shoppers and trends
We create different international shopper behaviour profiles based on various axis including nationality, demographics, frequency of visit and seasonality. You can match product assortment and marketing campaigns with your existing clients or the ones you are looking to attract in-store. 

4. Adapt tactical decisions based on short term outlook
We combine proprietary and third-party data to model near-term volume outlook around Tax Free Shopping transactions in different countries.

If you want to know more about our Smart Data & Business Intelligence solutions, please contact us.