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Currency Choice for merchants

Global Blue’s Currency Choice offers clarity, control and confidence to your international customers, while increasing sales and loyalty for your business, with six key benefits: 

1. Increases confidence and loyalty from globe shoppers
Globe shoppers using Visa or MasterCard can view prices and pay for goods in their home currency, in-store or online. By removing the uncertainty that comes with shopping abroad, Currency Choice gives globe shoppers greater confidence in your store, as well as making it easier for them to keep track of their spending.
Global Blue is already an expert in globe shopping and a well-recognised, trusted name for travellers, and our Best Rate Guarantee offers even more assurance for globe shoppers when purchasing from your business. It’s simple: we guarantee the best exchange rate at the time of purchase. If a customer receives a statement from their bank that proves they could have got a better rate on the same day with the same card, we promise to refund the difference to them.

2.  Reduced costs, increased transactions
Merchants can capture the international conversion margin on every single Currency Choice transaction, instead of giving it back to the customer’s issuing bank. This helps merchants to offset their credit card costs, with our partners reporting an average saving of 25%.

3. Connects you to a global network of banking partners
Global Blue has established relationships with leading acquirers across Europe, Asia and Latin America, while partnering with the strongest banks across 17 different countries. We are trusted by nearly 75,000 merchants and millions of consumers worldwide.
Our service is compliant with Visa and MasterCard credit card schemes, allowing merchants to offer the clarity and control of Currency Choice to millions of globe shoppers.

4. Insight and expertise
Data is everything, and our Daily Hit Rate insights allow you to see the ongoing benefits of Currency Choice, by detailing the percentage of converted Currency Choice transactions.
Our training programme helps merchants to make the most of our services and maximise sales opportunities. We support your staff to offer globe shoppers world-class service, with specialist training to ensure all sales staff know how to offer and process Currency Choice transactions confidently and correctly.

5. Clear and impactful promotional tools
Harnessing the distinctive and well-known identity of Global Blue, we supply merchants with point-of-sale collateral to suit their environment and promote the added-value service offered to customers.  We provide all the marketing materials you might need, including window signage, POS signage and printed materials.

6. Support when and where you need it
Global and local: we have helpful, experienced technical and commercial support staff in over 40 countries, so there is always someone who can help in your language.