Currency Choice for acquirers

Global Blue’s Currency Choice connects your business to new merchant partners, new customers and valuable new benefits

1. Commission on every transaction
Currency Choice is built on our established and valued relationships with acquirers around the world. In addition, with each transaction, Currency Choice can help acquirers to build their relationships with merchants too.
Just like merchants, acquirers can capture the international conversion margin on a Currency Choice transaction, instead of the issuing bank, creating additional income and providing merchants with value-added services, which can simultaneously secure and increase the acquirer’s merchant base.

2. Secure, relevant and compliant
We offer a safe and secure service to your business, enabling you to enhance the service you offer to your partners, whatever your location or currency.

Our Currency Choice service is already connected to a host of leading banking partners, thanks to our 15 years of full card-scheme compliance

Plug-in point-of-sale devices
Standalone or fully integrated solutions
A treasury that absorbs 100% of currency trading risk

A large range of currencies offered
Offered by major acquirers in over 20 countries across Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia

Fully compliant with Visa and MasterCard
Compliant in-store

3. Support and expertise
Major acquirers in over 17 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa – and soon in Latin America – enjoy the ease of our plug-in point-of-sale devices, which come in either standalone or fully integrated formats.

In addition, Global Blue’s daily hit rate reporting helps acquirers to track income and increase performance – both by currency and by merchant.

We also have dedicated sales teams in over 40 countries, which means you are always connected to someone who can help you in your local language.

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